We're building the full suite of APIs to enable enterprises and technology companies to make better use of the data they already have.

Our Mission

A seismic change is coming to how enterprises and technology companies make decisions with the data they already have. We are utilizing data science, machine learning, and business innovation to be at the forefront of this shift.

In the coming years, it will be imperative for enterprises to make better use of the data they already have, and for technology companies to better enable their customers with modern features.

 We're committed to providing our customers with APIs to enrich, standardize, de-duplicate, segment & more with the data they already have, to power new products, features, and workflows.

 Our team thinks like engineers - read about our enginering culture here.



Sean Thorne
Co-Founder & CEO

A passionate and compelling leader, Sean has spent the past nine years in the technology industry scaling data solutions. He brings prior startup and enterprise experience, seeing database issues from both sides of the table. His primary interests include providing value to customers, enterprise processes, and APIs. Outside of TalentIQ, Sean is known to love skiing, running, and a good whiskey.

Henry Nevue
Co-Founder & President

Henry has spent the past ten years building data driven technology solutions to some of the hardest problems the enterprise is facing. He has worked closely with leading data scientists from Google, Apple, and Amazon to develop innovative solutions. His primary interests include data science, music, and history.

Daniel Amaya

Daniel comes from Wells Fargo Forensic, where he led entity resolution efforts from a machine learning standpoint to unmask fradulent account identities. He has authored numerous top open source repositories, and has experience managing and scaling large engineering teams at Oracle and Intel. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys building recursive operating systems.

Yuan Zhao
Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Yuan comes from IBM Watson Labs, the machine learning/AI division of IBM. He has solved entity resolution problems from a machine learning standpoint over the past decade, and holds a masters in computer science from New York University.

Tory Adams
Senior Software Engineer

Tory most recently came from a digital signage platform, that allowed customers to manage and display ads / product recommendations based on customer needs. He was also a part of a startup that connected cars to the internet through the OBDII port that allowed for car monitoring. Tory has deep experience working with APIs and takes a very series approach to enterprise grade security.

Sean Thon
Infrastructure Engineer

With past experience managing infrastructure at the IRS, Sean brings a talented background to TalentIQ. He believes in scalable approaches that maximize security. Sean has three adorable kids, and grew up in Fresno, California before moving on to Silicon Valley.

Ryan Waters
Director of Product Engineering

Staying busy is what Ryan does best, having successfully worked in both business development and as an engineer, he sincerely enjoys the marriage of both skill sets. Helping partners get the most out of the powerful TalentIQ API while also building out internal tools for the team keeps him both happy and challenged.

Lindsay Nelson
VP Marketing

A co-founder of two previous companies in the Enterprise Saas space, Lindsay brings vast enterprise marketing experience to TalentIQ. A marketing content leader, her efforts have led to the closing of deals with companies like Microsoft, Nike, Adidas, DEQ, Aria Financial, and many other enterprises. In her spare time, Lindsay is a huge accounts based marketing geek.

Stephen Shiraga
Software Engineer

Stephen worked most recently for Oracle, and was at a number of technology startups before that. He began coding at age 16, and holds a BS in cybersecurity from the Technical Institute of Portland.

Laura Rennels
Business Manager

Laura comes from UC Berkeley, graduating in statistics, French language, and literature. She can code, and brings an engineering mindset to sales development. In her spare time, she loves to run data visualizations, read, and workout.

Alex Kurth
Account Executive

After graduating from Dartmouth, Alex moved to SF and began his sales career at Scripted. He brings 3 years of start-up experience to the team and enjoys playing squash, golf, skiing, and all things outdoors in his free time.

Madeleine Stanley

Madi comes from UC Berkeley, where she majored in statistics. She is interested in finance and data analytics, and brings a data-driven approach to driving sales interest. In her free time she loves camping, surfing, and running.


We are backed by great investors such as Susa Ventures, Haystack Fund, Acceleprise Ventures as well as great angel investors like Brad Feld, Semil Shah and Michael Cardamone.