A powerful api to clean & enrich Company and People data


TalentIQ’s API enables developers & enterprises to build rich search experiences, automate sign up flows, standardize person profiles, automate data cleaning, and much more


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Accurate, powerful datA

TalentIQ turns data that is inaccurate, unstandardized, or minimal into rich entities containing hundreds of clean data points
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valuable implementations

person data searchability

increase database searchability

Standardize your existing people data to increase searchability

data enrichment

Enrich existing people profiles

Strengthen the profiles in your ATS, CRM, or other database with hundreds of different data fields

empower sign up flows

Empower Sign up Flows

Minimize form fields without sacrificing the quality of data you collect

Join top enterprises using TalentIQ

Workable case study
Workable has raised $34M in venture capital and is the leading Applicant Tracking System for SMB and mid-sized recruiting teams.

"We first approached TalentIQ because we were looking for a data intelligence company to power functionality within our platform. Accurate, rich, and verified data is crucial to us and to our customers.

The TalentIQ engineering team provided hands on support for our integrations team, which led to a smooth process and also increased our match rates significantly.

We are very satisfied in what we have seen from TalentIQ, and trust them to power critical functionality within our HR platform on a daily basis.”

- Alex Alexakis, Product Manager, Workable


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We're building the full suite of APIs to enable enterprises and technology companies to make better use of the data they already have.